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00:02:00 is a a Two-Minute Psychological Horror Game

You're calling the shots: make a decision you can live with.

Rated 3.4 out of 5 stars
(21 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
Tagshaunted-ps1, Horror, lofi, psychological, two-minute


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It was included in a video with another game, its pretty alright. 



this fucking sucks, the 2 minute mechanic has nothing to do with the gameplay


It's very immersive, the countdown is terrifying! The 
choices system is ok, it's possible to even choose the 
character's name, I like it. My gameplay is in portuguese, good job! 


I ran into a bug here and there, but i'm willing to say it was because of my computer because for how short it is it's a great game with a great concept


Loved this game!

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Awesome one! Thanks! Support me with subscribing my channel!


loved this game! 


This was a really interesting and fun take on 'Two Minute' short games. Loved how the timer starts at the start of the game and the payer is not even informed. Took me a second to figure out what the numbers were and almost freaked out when I realised what it entailed. The story itself was great; it was direct, straight to the point and had multiple endings, which entices players to play through again. And since it's a very short game, going through it again is not a boring experience at all.

All in all, you've made an amazing game and it was really fun to play! Keep up the great work!!


Nice game, you may want to label the endings.


i like the concept


This was a good game with really cool potential i like what you did greetings form connor the android sent by cyberlife 


at first I thought I'm going to rob the place but then the game said nope. you are the negotiator. I don't know how many endings are there in the game or if you can save them without sacrificing anyone. but anyway, I had fun playing this! 

p.s game starts at 02:50 

I played this for a 4 Random Horror Games video, gave me Payday vibes and was pretty neat.


It was a fun short game to play :) It would be cool to see more of a story but it works without one too 

sorry about my shitty plug but I hope my feedback actually helped :)
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I enjoyed this game! Tried to get different endings. I don't think I got them all, though. (Game starts at 4:00) Please check out my Channel: VladMan Thank you!


good game, if only there was more to the game like what'll happen to the negotiator after he kills one of the hostages

I checked out your game for a video! It had a really cool concept being under pressure to make the right choices, my only critique would have to be that I hated the fact that it wasn't longer! lol (There's a timestamp in the description if you wanna see my playthrough!)


This was pretty good! I'd be interested in seeing more diverse consequences depending on who you choose to kill, but this lays a nice framework for something like that! Good job! 


Pour les Francophones !

This game has a unique premise for a horror-style title, which is refreshing. I like the idea of having a critical choice to make, and very little time in which to do it. Well done! 

This game gave me payday vibes the whole time lol. I really like how the game was set up and I like the intensity of the situation. I played it on my newest 3 scary games and it's the 2nd game. Keep up the good work brother.

Pour les Francophones !


man how can u save all 3 and getting yourself also i have tried all the things :D



This was a very creative game to make for the Two-Minute Horror Jam. I enjoyed it very much and did every possible choice that I could find. I found it humorous how the Clown would ask questions to waste time and act as if the entire situation is not timed. The wait before you can walk toward the vault makes the game so much more intense. Whether you get a heroes death, choice-given death, or fooling-around kinda death.. It was a great game! I could even see a sequel coming with the normal ending of this game.


I'm glad you enjoyed. I can definitely see doing a more fleshed out rehash/sequel at some point. Was enjoyable to make.

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I really liked the character design. While it was really short you did a great job building tension. Thanks 158 I followed you and will be keeping an eye out for any other games you make! 

*You game starts at 6:10*

Thank you. I will be having a new, longer horror jam game in August.

This one was rather odd but I liked it

i enjoyed this! i liked the character models a lot. i did have an issue where it kinda bugged out when i picked someone to shoot right as time ran out, it was like he shot someone but the dialogue played for time running out and i had to restart. i do like the concept a lot though!

Yes there are still some bugs unfortunately since it was made in 1 day. I may go back and fix them some day.

My playthrough starts at 8:18

well, i got a problem the clown bug in the vault door and i cant continue with the story :c

Does it fix if you restart? Otherwise I may have to update.

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i love the idea of the game, was a lot of fun ;) 

gameplay at 5:19


Glad you enjoyed.

is there an ending where everyone walks home alive? 


No, not on this one. I was more interested in choices than a happy ending. 

will there be any updates? i think you have something cool going on with your game

I don't think so, as this was a jam entry for fun. I will be posting more similar style games for future jams though. The next one starts this Friday.

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so good

Glad you enjoyed!